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Caramelized Glucose Syrups

The Light Yellowish until Dark Brown Colored Syrups are the broad spectrum of glucose products that we offer to suffice our client’s needs for their food and beverage products. We also produce syrup with a unique brown-sugar fragrance, particularly suitable for sweet soy sauce, brown sugar syrups, caramel syrups. The upside of manufacturing is we can offer customization in regards to thickness (brix), sweetness (DE), acidity (Ph), fragrance as well as colors.

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Transparent Glucose Syrup

The transparent glucose syrup mainly applies to products and foods that require coloring. Transparent odorless glucose syrups are suitable for candies, jams


Imported High Fructose Syrup

With higher sweetness level and more liquidity (Brix 75), high fructose syrup is the sweet base for beverages and main ingredients for syrups.

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